Welcome to CPR Equipment

CPR Equipment. Buy from the guys who have used the equipment they are selling and know how to help you utilize it in the best way possible. We have been serving our customers for over 15 years. CPR started out as a custom farming operation and has expanded over the years. With our knowledge of farm equipment we now try to find the best equipment at the lowest prices for you. As well as sell farm machinery we are also an authorized Meridian dealer selling, servicing and handling parts for bulkseed tenders and smooth wall ag, industrial, seedmax bins and fuel tanks. CPR is a distributer for Hayfresh hay preservative which is a premium blend of buffered 68% propionic acid and a blend of organic compounds for preserving nutrients and paletibility of dry forages. Hayfresh is a total of 81% organic acids. We are also known and operating as CPRCustom LLC a full service custom Harvesting and cropping business. Please view the rest of our website to learn more about CPR Equipment.

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